So of course I went to another event…

Me and the husband hit another event in town on Wednesday night. It was at the Trinity Shopping Centre and hosted by

We hit up Philip Stoner first to check out my new engagement ring, which sadly was a couple of sizes too large so we couldn’t take it home. They did take my wedding band in too for polishing so I’m very excited to collect the set tomorrow!

We decided to ponder round a few stores but not many actually had discounts on. I bought a cute top in Pink by Victoria’s Secret which pretty much sums up my attitude to exercise generally. I used my secrets reward card, which sadly only had £10 on, so got this top for a bargain basement price.


Then I decided to check out Coast as I’d not been in in a while and what with a couple of weddings happening in the summer wanted to get some ideas for dresses. I didn’t even plan on buying anything but came out with a dress and a skirt as all full priced items were 25% off!


To top it off, if you spent over certain amounts you got different prizes. So for over £100 we got a £10 Trinity voucher and for over £10 we got a bag of pick and mix.

A fun night was had by all and we finished it off with the sushi I had been dying for all week.


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