New product


So I tried this new product this morning and I just have to tell you about it because I am so impressed!

It’s the Oil Control Mattifier SPF15 by Murad. I was skeptical at first as my forehead and nose usually look fine at the beginning of the day but then somewhere along the line it goes seriously shiny! So I didn’t know if a product existed to help with this.

Turns out there is and this is it! I put it on instead of my usual Simple light moisturiser, after my Simple cleanser and toner. The smell at first was a little odd and I was concerned by the slightly greasy texture, but don’t be put off! It went on really easily and I made sure to get an overall coverage but really applied on the necessary areas.

By the time I got home at 7pm I would usually have a mirror for a forehead but was pleasantly surprised that it was pretty the same as when I left 12 hours earlier!

It is quite pricey at £37 for a 50ml tube but all Murad products are buy one, get one half price in Marks and Spencer’s at the moment plus I had a £20 voucher for there so wasn’t a major investment this time!

So this is a must buy now for me. I am sold!


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