My weekend

Well I have done absolutely nothing with my day today. I spent a good hour or two researching juice cleanses. I really want to go on one during the school holidays as this seems an ideal time to try one out. I priced up three different options the Honest Healthy 3 day soup and smoothie cleanse is £199, the Juice Master 3 day cleanse is £99.99 and I also priced up buying raw ingredients for a Dr Oz cleanse I found on Pinterest (so you know it’s legit) and that came to around £70 without buying a juicer. So any way you look at it, it’s going to be pricey.


Saturday was spent doing a lot of laundry (5 loads!) and having a tennis lesson. Needless to say, I was not good. The teacher Billy said I had a good serve…and that was about it. I have another 3 90 minute lessons booked so hopefully I’ll at least stop hitting the ball into a different court by the end. I also went to town with the husband and we spotted the head designer at Chanel Karl Lagerfeld. Very exciting!


Friday night we had a couple over for dinner. The husband cooked chorizo and mushroom risotto to start, followed by steak and chips. It was delicious! We drank quite a bit and had a wonderful night.


Can’t wait to watch the season finale of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills on E! tonight. Probably should paint my nails too.


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