Beauty School Dropout

So I went to the Harvey Nichols Leeds beauty school dropout event on Tuesday night with my mother in law. My mother was originally coming but my dad gad a funny turn at work and she’s didn’t want to come understandably.

We wandered around for a bit supping on the free fizz and looking at the different master classes that were happening. Sadly as we didn’t arrive until 7.30pm most were half way through.

Thanks to I want to check out Giorgio Armani as had recommended a few products. I said to the lovely assistant who was called Belinda I wanted to try the Maestro Eraser dark circle concealer as I heard it was a miracle worker!

Belinda sat me down and talked me through the basic products. She was brilliant! She put the Luminous Silk foundation on the one side of my face and the Maestro Fusion foundation on the other so I could compare which base would be best for me. I decided on the Maestro Fusion as it made me skin look really fresh and natural.

One of the best things she showed me was the Fluid Sheer number 5 which was basically an amazing liquid blush but can also be used on the eyelids and lips! I love a multipurpose item, so obviously had to have it.

After my amazing make-over where I was also recommend a number of products, I convinced my mother in law to have one too. She was convinced they couldn’t do anything to help her. Belinda proved her wrong. She had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed the look they gave her.


I ended up buying the Fluid Sheet number 5 and Maestro Eraser number 2 and my mother in law bought Maestro Eraser number 3, Luminous Silk foundation number 5.5, Fluid Sheer number 3 (more of bronzer than a blush) and the Eyes to Kill quad palette number 4. So together we spent a small fortune in that concession and will definitely be back before long.

At the end they gave us an awesome goodie bag which contained a Beauty School tea towel, lots of perfume samples, a beauty balm sample, a skin mas, some testers for Dermalogia and a £10 off voucher for Nails Inc. Score!



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