Another weekend is nearly done

Another week has gone by and besides the drama that was Wednesday not a lot has happened.

Treated my mum to a manicure at our local Nails Inc champagne bar on Friday afternoon after work. It was lovely! I went for Slone Street this time and mum got Kensington Passage gel effect.

kensington-passage-gel-effect-polish teatum-jones-emerging-british-designer-collaboration

I then had to get the bus for the first time in I don’t know how long, it was as horrific as I expected and took forever. We met up with dad and the husband for some 2-4-1 cocktails in Gustos and after a couple we decided to stay for dinner, we invited my brother and his girlfriend along. It was a delicious meal and if you’ve never been to Gustos (or any of its affiliates) I really can’t recommend it enough! After this we went to my Nanna’s house as a load of my family were up for an early Mothering Sunday weekend. It was so nice to see everybody again and have a good catch up.

On Saturday, myself and my aunt went into Harrogate on the train to do be a bit of shopping and sightseeing. Didn’t really buy a lot besides a bargainalicious tennis outfit. However, we went to the Harrogate Pump House Museum and I learnt all sorts! Apparently Victorians used to come up to Harrogate on their way to Scotland for the Grouse shooting season and have three weeks of recuperation. They were made to drink up to four glasses of sulphur water to cleanse their system. The guide took us down into the basement where the suppler water well is, it is aptly named the stinking well because, well, it did, A LOT! Very eggy is how I could best describe it. When I got home the husband made schnitzel for dinner, he always makes enough to feed the five hundred so I’m sure we’ll be eating it for days.

Sulphur%20Well pumproom

Sunday was a relaxed day which started with leading the youngest junior church group and was followed by a very filling and pleasant meal at The Bingley Arms, the oldest inn in England. It’s in the doomsday book!

bingley arms

By all accounts a super weekend. I will try get some photos of the family together for you as soon as possible.


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