Daddy’s little girl


Sorry I haven’t blogged for a couple of days. Worked late on Tuesday night then had an awful day yesterday.

I wasn’t feeling 100% as it was, then around 3.30pm my mum asked me to call her. Turned out my father had been taken into A&E with chest pains, shoulder pains and dizziness. Not fun. He’d had the symptoms at work around 9am but tried to play them off. The HR lady then saw him and said he had to go straight to the hospital! They did a bunch of blood works and an ECG which thankfully didn’t show signs of a heart attack. They decided to keep in him for observations and because they wanted to redo the test twelve hours later as that would hopefully show what had gone on. This was the scariest time for me; I’ve never seen my dad like this. Thankfully we were able to take him home sometime after midnight. The second set of tests showed that it had been an angina attack so he was given a spray in case it happens again and some tablets, he has been prescribed some good bed rest too.

Needless to say I am absolutely shattered today as even after I got home I barely slept a wink. So this is all until I get some much needed shut eye.


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